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EYOOT believes in giving back and creating a kinder world in which everyone is willing to help others. EYOOT aims to help students use their time wisely and improve their mental health through this volunteering programs in Egypt. It hopes to help students be aware that giving back is as important. This program is mandatory for the internship program students and available to anyone else who is interested. Volunteering is done with EYOOT's NGO partners and EYOOT's own unique volunteer work. It is a an experience that touches hearts and refreshes souls.


Completely free

Give back to your community

EYOOT certificate

Spread positivity & help others

Improve your mental health

Volunteering certificate

Create networks & social circles

Discover new interests

Use free time wisely


No requirements. Everyone is welcome to create a kinder world. 


Volunteering has no specific times. We announces the volunteering services on our social media platforms and website when available. Stay tuned with us to know when and where we'll be volunteering next. For the internship program, students receive details on their required volunteering after finishing their internship.

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