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EYOOT (Egyptian Youth of Today) is an unparalleled Egyptian non-profit organization that was founded in 2019. EYOOT provides students with the easiest paths for their personal & mental development through various free programs. 


EYOOT aims to develop Egyptian youth by developing their skills through their programs and providing them with real life experiences that will help them grow.


EYOOT hopes for a brighter future for all youth by having them ready to conquer any real life situations using their skill set, kindness and experience. EYOOT hopes for a brighter and more peaceful future.

Real World Experience

EYOOT focuses on providing a free internships program for students in the largest companies in Egypt to get them ready for the real world.


Give Back

EYOOT focuses on providing volunteer work for students to develop their mental health and teach them to give not just take.


Super skills & more!

EYOOT focuses on providing workshops for students in various fields to develop various skills along with many other programs.

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