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Make sure to stay up to date when we announce that we are accepting applications on our social media platforms instagram or facebook. Click to follow us.

Make sure to check the requirements of the internship program on the page. Make sure you are eligible to apply. If you are, you simply click on the apply button to fill out your application. Please note that all of the following steps and the whole program is free. 

Once we announce that applying is closed, those accepted will shortly be emailed to select an interview time with us that could be online of offline. Details will be specified in the email.

At the end of the interview, you are informed with a decision. Make sure to come to your interview on time with your Civil ID, 2 passport photos, CV (if available) and university ID

The accepted calibers are given workshops before the internship to get them prepared and more confident in the work environment.

After your workshop, you are sent to the journey of Career Life & Labor Market. You will receive professional practical experience and be assigned your own projects & tasks to work on from A to Z.

Once you have completed your internship, you are required to join EYOOT to volunteer. The point is to teach you to not just take but give back too. The volunteer work is announced to you after your internship is completed. 

Once you have completed your volunteer work, you are informed with the date of a certification ceremony in which you receive all your certificates. 









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